JS Productions has a Family of Podcasts to:

1. Help promote each Family Member Podcast; and

2. Secure Group Podcast Sponsors for each podcast.

  • Basically, your podcast will be part of our podcast group when we approach sponsors. The sponsor will buy ad spots on all podcasts in the group as opposed to just one. The ad revenue will be split between the podcasts on a pro rata basis. Each podcast host will have the right to decline any specific sponsor.

  • Podcasters keep 100% of all ad revenue received from any individual sponsors they secure through their own efforts.

  • All of this is at no charge to the podcasters.

JS Productions also and provides video & audio recording and editing as well as promotional services to raise your podcast to the top 2% of all podcasts globally.

We have several promotional plans available. Contact us to see if one of our plans is right for your podcast.

  • We can host your podcast on our servers and instantly monetize your episodes.

  • You can continue to host your podcast with your existing podcast hosting service and we will promote your podcast on iTunes and Spotify to increase your average downloads per episode.

  • We can include your podcast in our group sponsorships to increase the number of sponsors you obtain.

  • We can arrange for joint shout outs and guest exchanges with 100s of other podcasts with whom we work.